Where are you in Time?: Art Therapy Workshop

Do you sometimes feel like you are dragged away by time and get lost? Do you want to stop time, think where and who you are, take and breathe and understand?

We categorize time as past, present and future in order to understand our experiences and their impact on us. We imagine time as a straight line and create a story line around it. We think and hope that the change in the self is a linear line, which rises in parallel to time. However if our inner individual time is the self, then how precise would it be to imagine time like a straight line?

Based on the impressions and the emotions arising from the displayed works of artists Nilbar Güreş and Raqs Media Collective, art therapy workshop aims to help participants understand and internalize in isolation from our busy life without trying to control either emotions or time. We create an abstract artwork using material like straw, rope, fabric, colorful cardboard, powder crayons, and through it we will set on a journey to gain awareness of our inner world through a discussion about the linearity of time, and its impact on the self and emotions.

Briefly on Art Therapy
Art therapy is a mode of therapy that enables the discovery of the inner world over an artwork, which is developed through a spontaneous creative process using various material including clay, sculpture, collage and acrylic paint. This art enabled journey into the subconscious helps transformation and growth through a better understanding and discovery regarding hard-to-verbalize emotions and thoughts, and through enhancing awareness.

Workshop led by: Meril Algazi
Related Exhibition: The Time Needs Changing

Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per Workshop: 50 TL

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About Meril Algazi
After completing her undergraduate degree on Psychology in Montpellier III, Université Paul-Valery, France, she obtained her graduate degree on Art Psychotherapy from University of Roehampton, UK. During the course of her studies, she organized and conducted individual and group art psychotherapy sessions with psychotic patients in various clinics, and at the NHS CNWL Horton Rehabilitation Center and in Portugal Prints in the form of supervised ‘community based open studio’. With Portugal Prints, she worked in art therapy workshops organized in the Royal Academy of Art for psychotic patients. Also, she organized a short term art psychotherapy project for adolescents with learning difficulties in a special school in the UK. After her return to Turkey, she joined French La Paix Hospital Rehabilitation Service as part-time Art Psychotherapist.

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