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Encounters: Forest Pedagogy

“Human kind has come from nature. Once fully naked in the nature, we designed, over time, shelters, transportation vehicles, communication systems and many more. But we must have made some mistakes along the way that we are now suffocated by the cities, traffic jam and pollution.”

We bring into question the relationship between nature and learning, and the presence of environmental awareness in school curricula. With a focus on schools’ physical capacities, we look for ways to take our children out to nature and to cherish the earth’s wisdom and generosity. Addressing teachers and instructors from various backgrounds, this activity includes an inspirational talk on “Forest Pedagogy” and a closing Q&A session. All eco-friendly instructors are invited to this activity.

Note: The teachers who participate are presented with a certificate of attendance at the end of the event.
The event is free of charge, reservation required. 

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Speaker: Şahin Çevik
Capacity: 20 participants
Duration: 2 hours

For more information:
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About Şahin Çevik
#seyyahogretmen (travelling teacher) Şahin Çevik is a class teacher at SEV Primary School. Çevik, known for his works, and practices on nature and learning, conducted educational research in more than 30 countries. #seyyahogretmen strives to promote Forest Pedagogy and maintains out-of-school practices with his very own learning designs. He is also a Change Ambassador at Teachers Network. 

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