Sound of Time: Sound Workshop

Artist Workshop: Güneş Terkol
Is it possible to describe the world through the sounds we want to hear? And, have you ever thought that the sounds you are exposed to or really listen are associated with being female or male, working from home, in the plaza or workshop, living in the center or suburb, or being born in the east or the west of the country? In the workshop, participants think about the sounds we want and do not want to hear or listen. Then, we develop our own sound map by transferring our dreams and sounds by putting script and pictures on cloth models. This time, we do not shout or remain “soundless”, instead we mark our moment in life by dreaming through sounds.

Workshop led by: Güneş Terkol
Related Exhibition: The Time Needs Changing

Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Participation fee per workshop: 70 TL
Participation fee per workshop for students: 50 TL

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About Güneş Terkol
Güneş Terkol born 1981, is a Turkish artist based in Istanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Art Faculty, Painting Department. She completed her master’s degree in Yildiz Teknik University Interdisciplinary Art Department. Terkol takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings, collecting materials and stories, which she weaves into her sewing pieces, videos, sketches and musical compositions.She also member of HaZaVuZu artist collective and GuGuOu group keeps working.
Recent solo exhibitions include: "Home is my Heart" Krank Sanat Galeri, Istanbul (2017), "Storing Souls" Galeri Nev, Ankara (2017), ve “The Holographic Record” NON Gallery Istanbul (2014), “The Main Forces That Stir Up Action” NON Istanbul (2012) "Dreams on the River", Organhause, Chongqing, China (2011); “No Ceremony for Transition” Apartman Projesi Istanbul (2008). Group Shows; "In Pursuit of the Present", Istanbul Modern, (2018), "Ladies' Paradise", Grace Belgravia, London (2018), "İlk Raunt" Carmıklı Collection, Rum Okulu (2018), " Leaden Circles Dissolved in The Air ", Elgiz Muzesi, İstanbul (2018), " Home is where the he'art' is , Galerie Paris- Beijing, Paris (2018) "Three Windowed Play " , Noks, Istanbul (2018), “Aylaklar", Fransız Kültür, Istanbul (2017), ArtNight, Londra (2017), 32. Sao Paulo Bienali, Interceza Vivai (2016), 2016 “O zaman renk!” Artnivo Istanbul; 2015 “Passion, Joy, Fury” MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts Roma; 2015 “Stay with me” Depo Istanbul; 2014 10th Gwangju Biennale Korea; 2013 “Better Homes” Sculpture Center New York; 2013 Whitechapel Gallery London (with Ha Za Vu Zu); 2012 “Who told you so?! #4 Truth vs. Family” Onomatopee Eindhoven; 2012 “Signs Taken in Wonder” MAK Vienna, 2012 “What a Loop” Berlin (with Ha Za Vu Zu); 2011 “Dream and Reality” Istanbul Modern Istanbul; 2009 10th Lyon Biennale, (with Ha Za Vu Zu), 2009 “BREADWAY, Urban stories: The X” Baltic Triennial of International Art Vilnius (with Ha Za Vu Zu); 2007 10th Istanbul Biennial, Curator: Hou Hanru (with Ha Za Vu Zu); 2007 “sobe!” Bilsar Istanbul, Curator: Leyla Gediz; 2007 “We Are Getting Vocalized” Galerist Istanbul (with Ha Za Vu Zu)
Artist Residencies; 2016, Cite Des International Art, Paris, 2013 ISCP, New York; 2011 OrganHaus, Chongqing; 2010 Gasworks, London.

Thank you for your interest. This workshop is fully booked.
Past seance
08 March