Macramé Workshop

Collages and patterns play a major role in the art of Parajanov, who based his film decors and his notion of aesthetics on object art, which occupies a remarkable place in his working practice along with his numerous collages. In this workshop we make wall decorations using a basic knotting technique- macramé and various materials like beads.

What is Macramé?
Makrome (Macramé) is derived from “Migramah”- the Arabic word for fringe. The Arabs in the 13th century used to make heat protection blankets for their camels by trimming textiles with yarns and fringes. Assumedly, this was when macramé first originated. Later, it was taken to Spain, and Italy, and spread across Europe. In 19th century, it was enhanced by American and British sailors. Sailors used this technique to make many objects including hammocks, bell fringes and belts, and they enhanced the basic technique, and called it: “Square Knot”. Contemporaneously, macramé found a place for itself in house and garden decoration, too. The technique named “Square knot” by the sailors became one of the basic knotting techniques in macramé. Although its popularity faded in time, macramé regained popularity in early 70s, and became trendy in many areas ranging from home decoration to clothing and accessories, and it was even included in school curricula. Currently, its modern versions are reintroduced in jewelry design, accessories, and interior and exterior house design.

Workshop led by: Stay Up Late
Related Exhibition: Parajanov, with Sarkis

Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per Workshop: 70 TL

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