Ages 4-6


Incessant swaps and transfigurations that rendered meaning to Parajanov’s life make for a wonderful kaleidoscope: each turn unfolds a new and even more captivating image. It is also true that many of his works are like kaleidoscopic images, made of shiny specks of glass. Visitors take along particles of this amazing world as they walk through the halls of the Yerevan museum and temporary exhibitions. Some will keep and cherish them forever. For this brief moment, they become hostage to Parajanov’s kaleidoscopic wonderland, where you are invited." - Levon Abrahamian

To be able to view the world from the eyes of famous filmmaker Parajanov, we first use cardboard and color paints to make our own kaleidoscope, and then, inspired by the collages of the artist, we combine colorful beads, glossy sequins and recycled material to design a lens for our kaleidoscope.

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Ages: 4-6
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 45 TL

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Ages 4-6