Istanbul Scenery in Watercolor
Artist Workshop: Gabrielle Reeves

Under the guidance of artist Gabrielle Reeves, participants study and reinterpret scenery paintings in the Orientalist Paintings Collection of Pera Museum. They learn how they can use drawing and watercolor techniques to paint a modern picture of Istanbul, and they also experiment with colors in order to learn how to create atmospheric perspective, and stimulate certain emotions. This workshop sets the participants on a creative discovery of basic drawing and watercolor techniques such as the theory of color, color mixing and application processes. The painting produced in this workshop turns out to be a colorful and modern interpretation of the orientalist Istanbul paintings.

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Participation fee per workshop: 100 TL
Participation fee per workshop for students: 70 TL (Students are kindly asked to present their student ID cards) 
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 10 people

Our quota is full, thank you for your interest.

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About Gabrielle Reeves
Gabrielle Reeves is a visual artist born in Wyoming, Casper. Her works were displayed in a number of solo exhibitions including Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper, Global Village Museum in Fort Collins and Guray Museum in Cappadocia, Turkey. Additionally, her works were displayed in a number of group exhibitions including Yeni Hikayeler / New Stories in Istanbul Concept Gallery and Kaybolan Suretler / Lost Forms, Şehir Ezmesi / City Paste: an exhibition reflecting on change in Istanbul in Circuit Istanbul, and Plastik Sanatlar / Plastic Arts exhibition in Silahtar Caravansaria in Malatya, Turkey. Her work is in several permanent collections including the Nicolaysen Art Museum, The Guray Museum in Cappadocia and the University of Wyoming Campus in Laramie WY. Gabrielle is currently living in Istanbul, and working as a freelance artist.

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