Sultans, Merchants, Painters

The Early Years of Turkish - Dutch Relations


9 Foreword
Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

11 Foreword
Jan-Paul Dirkse

13 The Netherlands and Turkey Four Hundred Years of Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Relations
Alexander H. De Groot

29 The Chamber of Levant Trade
Laura van Hasselt

37 Dutch Trade with the Levant in the Early Modern Period
İsmail Hakkı Kadı

47 The Turkish Paintings of Ambassador Cornelis Calkoen (1696-1764)
Eveline Sint Nicolaas

77 Catalogue

81 Golden Age

95 Room Full of Ottomans in Amsterdam

101 Tulip

107 Series of Costume Paintings

141 Ambassador Cornelis Calkoen (1696-1764)

167Two paintings of the Levant

Pera Museum, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum, organized an exhibition exploring the commencement of four hundred years of fruitful cooperation between Turkey and the Netherlands. It was on 14th March, 1612, during the rule of the Ottoman Empire that the first Ambassador of Dutch Republic, Cornelis Haga, arrived in Constantinople. The exhibition was not intended as a complete survey of four centuries of diplomatic ties, but rather to provide a striking insight into the historical ties between Amsterdam and Istanbul, from 1612 to the present day.

Istanbul and Amsterdam, Turkey and the Netherlands, have been and continue to be important bridges between Europe and Asia; major players in the international world of commerce, diplomacy, art and migration. The exhibition was firstly exhibited at Pera Museum, before travelling to the Amsterdam Museum, highlighted the connection between Turkish and Dutch history; stimulating mutual (multi-) cultural understanding for today.

Date of Publication: 2012
Number of pages:  193
ISBN: 9789759123970