Selected Works from the School of Visual Arts, New York


Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

David Rhodes
President School of Visual Arts

11 Acknowledgements
Peter Hristoff

15 Octet; Selected Works from the School of Visual Arts, New York
Suzanne Anker

23 Word As Image  

33 Post Pop and Tabloid

53 Personal Matters

75 The Corporeal and Divine  

97 World Dramas

121 Narrative Imperatives

141 Relational Aesthetics

151 Identity and Identity Politics

171 Biographies


Octet: Selected Works from the School of Visual Arts was an exhibition of 111 artworks, which showcased painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and the digital arts, created by faculty, alumni and students of the Fine Arts Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  The exhibition catalogue presents an amalgam of diverse threads operating within an international cultural platform enabling a platform for the discussion of current issues. The exhibition consisted of eight categories describing contemporary visual art: Word As Image, Post-Pop and Tabloid, Material Matters, The Corporeal and the Divine, World Dramas, Narrative Imperatives, Relational Aesthetics and Identity and Identity Politics.

The selection of work exhibited in Octet presented art's freedom from the constraints of time and space, allowing our desire for understanding, considering and reconsidering systems of knowledge production, aesthetic experience.

Date of Publication: 2009
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