Ikuo Hirayama

Turkey, A Crossroad of Culture between West and East


6 Foreword
Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

10 Paying Tribute to the Silk Road – My World
Ikuo Hirayama

16 Remembering Professor Ikuo Hirayama
Shuji Takashina

20 Hirayama’s Devotion to the Exhibition in İstanbul
Michiko Hirayama

24 Ikuo Hirayama – Man and Art
Hiroshi Komiya

28 What is Nihonga (Japanese –style Painting)?
Masaaki Miyasako

32 Catalogue

76 Biography

Ikuo Hirayama, one of the most well known representatives of Japanese-style painting Nihonga, took the Silk Road as the main theme of his paintings and paid several visits to Turkey throughout his 100 plus journeys to this route.

Hirayama was appointed as Japan's first Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO in 1988 and Special Advisor to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1995. He emphasized the cultural exchange with his visits and research to the Middle East as well as his art focusing on the ancient ruins. He emphasized cultural exchange with his visits and research in the Middle East, alongside his art's focus on the ancient ruins. Hirayama, who passed away in 2009, visited Turkey -the meeting point of West and East in his own words, with his paintings.

Date of Publication: 2010