Henri-Cartier Bresson


51 Photographs

93 Pera Museum Celebrates a Master of 20th Century Photography

97 Henri Cartier-Bresson or An Essay on Lighthouses and Great Winds

111 The Decisive Moment

127 Henri Cartier-Bresson / Biography

133 Selected Bibliography and Exhibitions

Henri Cartier-Bresson practiced, after the fashion of the surrealists whom he knew, an automatic writing applied to the world of the image: "To photograph", he said, "is to bring the head, the eye and the heart onto the same line of the surveyor. Photography is a mode of living." His oeuvre draws on the better part of the obvious banality of the events around us in order to reveal in them, in the passage of a 'decisive instant', a universal dimension.

Date of Publication: 2006
Number of pages:  135
ISBN: 975-913-12-6