From Konstantiniyye to Istanbul

Photographs of the Rumeli Shore of the Bosphorus from the mid IXth century to XX century


vi Preface
Suna & İnan Kıraç

viii Presentation
Ahmet Abut

x From Konstantiniyye to İstanbul
M. Sinan Gemin

xvi Biographies of the Photographers

1 Karaköy – Tophane

33 Salıpazarı – Fındıklı – Tophane

47 Dolmabahçe

61 Beşiktaş – Ortaköy – Kuruçeşme

87 Arnavutköy – Bebek

107 Rumelihisarı

119 Emirgan – İstinye – Yeniköy – Kalender – Tarabya

129 Kefeliköy – Büyükdere – Sarıyer – Rumelikavağı

From Konstantiniyye to İstanbul — Photographs of the Rumeli Shore of the Bosphorus from the mid-IXth to the XXth Century was comprised of works by photography masters who practiced their art in Istanbul from the end of the 19th to the early years of the 20th century. The unique selection from the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Photography Collection reveal the magnificent structures, the daily life and the intriguing personalities of a past İstanbul. İstanbul has evolved into an industrial city and an enormous metropolis: its silhouette, architecture, vehicles, bridges, quays, streets and public spaces have attained an entirely different appearance. Masters such as James Robertson, Félice Beato, Pascal Sébah, Polycarpe Joaillier, Abdullah Brothers , Guillame Breggren, Bogos Tarkulyan, Mihran İranian and Gülmez Brothers, not only documented the nostalgic images of the city during their time, but also took us along a journey extending from Karaköy to Rumelifeneri through photographs taken with the difficult and onerous techniques of the time.

Date of Publication: 5th Print 2010
Number of pages: 145
ISBN: 975-9123-22-3