An Extraordinary Master of Hungarian Painting


7 Foreword
Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

9 Foreword
Jósef Sárkány

13 Csontváry
Lojas Németh

19 The Sublimity of Creation in Csontváry’s Art
Jósef Sárkány

25 Autobiography

29 Catalogue

85 Biography

Csontváry was an artist of the turn of the century. The richness and complexity in his works cannot be characterised based on stylistic categories. Realistic observation, emphasis on the changing light, the decorative, orgiastic use of color characteristic of Post-Impressionism, the large-scale handling of form and the strong diffraction of the colors often appear simultaneously on the same canvas. 

The exhibition catalogue invites us to discover the works of this extraordinary Hungarian artist, who wrote poetry with paintings that reflect his vision, his unique colors, his symbolic narrative, and the "divine voice" he claims to have heard. The catalog includes a detailed biography of Csontváry and includes articles by Lojas Németh and Jósef Sárkány on the artist's artistic practice.

Date of Publication: 2010
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