Connecting the Dots‬



7 Foreword
Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

8 Foreword
Prof. Dr. İnci Deniz Ilgın – Dean

10 Art and Design with the Unifying Power of Differences Spread Out from University to the City
Nazlı Pektaş

14 İstanbul 63 Years Later: Following Margaret Bourke-White

31 Connecting the Dots on the Body

38 Bridges over the Bosphorus

53 It’s Yours if You Resist

70 Emotions-Sounds-Gravity. 

77 Bags That Travel Around the World

97 Sharing the Public Space

103 The Lost Ateliers

106 Portrait

115 Artist Diaries

123 A Wisp of Smoke in the Wind

131 Tempolis: City, Speed, Perception

136 Localities and Global Discourses

Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts International Student Triennial, that has brought together numerous art and design schools from around 60 different countries in Istanbul since its establishment in 1997, has continued to strengthen the dialogue between different branches of art and geographies. 

The productions we see in the exhibition catalogue, the outcomes of 13 of the 38 workshops, are centred on our lives shaped by the city and question many issues. Works that focus on public space, the city, architecture, animal rights, body, memory, identity, and the city of Istanbul also create an archive of the experiences gathered throughout the whole process and offer a concrete outcome; they also attempt to connect the dots by focusing on different segments of the society.

Publication year: 2013
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