To be Continued... Now!

11 December - 28 December 2019

Pera Film presents its first series screening program: To be Continued... Now! While the discussions about whether the viewing experience is shifting from theaters to online platforms and PC screens continue, the program, which provides the audience with a continuous viewing experience on the silver screen, offers 4 series from Turkey, Denmark, the US, and the UK.

The program includes 7 Faces, which is a miniseries composed of seven episodic stories where different characters come face to face with their darkest sides in each episode; the Bisexual, which offers an honest and humorous exploration of bisexuality as “the last taboo” and the prejudices that revolve around it, with Desiree Akhavan both directing and playing the leading role; 555, which is an anthology miniseries with each episode focusing on a fraught relationship between two characters, where ambition prevails over empathy; Ondt i røven / Pain in the Ass, which is a coming of age story about standing on one’s own feet, staying true to oneself and coping with adult life. The screening dates are December 11 – 28.

This program’s screenings are free admissions. Drop in, no reservations. As per legal regulations, all our screenings are restricted to persons over 18 years of age, unless stated otherwise.