Teen International Shorts Festival

22 April - 26 April 2014

Pera Film welcomes International Youth Short Film Festival between 22-26 April.

The only short film competition that is devoted to teenagers aged between 13-19 TISFEST Short Film Competition within Teen International Shorts Festival is held for the third time this year. The competiton is open to everyone aged from 13 to 19. The competition aimes to contribute to the future of movies by making students love cinema from a young age and offers many opportunities to young directors.

TISFEST Short Films Competition invites every teenager to make movies. The competition that gained appreciation from the cinema entourage also creates opportunities for competing films to get screened in international school and film festivals. The finalists from last year’s 216 short film contestants met the audience in 5 different country with 8 special TISFEST screenings.

The results of the competition will be anounced in 25th of April, the last night of the festival where young directors will get together with the masters.Burak Çevik, Mehmet Can Yavuz, Hemi Behmoaras, critic Demet Öztürk and festival director Berkant H. Erdem are the anounced preliminary judges. In the jury; director of the movie Tepenin Ardı Emin Alper and this year’s Cannes Golden Camera winner Anthony Chen will be the judges while Ayçe Kartal and Andrea Schneider will be evaluating the animation section.

Screenings are free. There are no reservations. The seats are limited.