Shifting Perspectives
Shorts From Women Directors

08 March - 30 March 2019

As part of the March 8 International Women’s Day celebrations, Pera Film presents Shifting Perspectives, a collection of short films directed by women. Distinct and awe-inspiring stories from 18 female directors are presented under the themes of Seven Women, Seven Sins, Shorts from the World, and Shorts from Turkey.

Seven of the world's best-known women directors were invited to direct their own interpretation of the seven deadly sins to create the Seven Women, Seven Sins omnibus. Gluttony by Helke Sander, Greed by Bette Gordon, Anger by Maxi Cohen, Sloth by Chantal Akerman, Lust by Valie Export, Envy by Laurence Gavron and Pride by Ulrike Ottinger tell their stories in varying tones from fictional narrative to experimental video, and musical to radical documentary. 

The Shorts From the World collection features Tangles and Knots, the story of an intimate bond between a Sydney mother and daughter that becomes threatened when the mother helps her teenage daughter throw a party; III, a portrait of a woman in an exhausting relationship with a man, which both attracts and repels them in equal measure; After the Facts, a film that looks at Esfir Shub, credited with inventing the remix film, and shows the groundbreaking work of women editors who profoundly influenced some of the masterpieces of cinema; Bloeistraat 11, the tale of two inseparable best friends whose bond is disrupted by puberty; Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year, where New Year's eve dawns and Sofia has a dream that she tells no-one; and How Does It Start, a film that explores 12-year-old Rain’s curiosity of sexuality.

The Shorts From Turkey collection includes Mrs. Nebile’s Wormhole, the story of a middle-aged Turkish housewife living in Germany who digs a secret tunnel into the house next door to escape her domestic routine; Ground Level, a short film that questions whether is it beyond ethical boundaries or a legitimate right to demand one’s wage during a funeral; Androktones, which tells the myth of female Amazon warriors through the conflicting stories of a female and a male narrator; Nedret Gets Lost For A Day, the tale of elderly and charming Nedret who finds herself free from the cocoon of her home and her city and on a path of no return following the mysterious death of her husband; and Titanium, the journey of a talented female figure skater in her struggle to continue her career in 1990’s Turkey.

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