Reality Bites

11 January - 22 January 2014

Pera film in collaboration with Dogwoof, the UK’s leading documentary distributor, is kicking off 2014’s first program of the year with Reality Bites. The selection of six recent documentaries from the past three years brings powerful stories together. In defining the documentary film, Bill Nichols, an internationally recognized authority on documentary and ethnographic film, explains: “Given the vitality of expression, range of voices, and dramatic popularity of documentary film, we might well wonder what, if anything all these films have in common. Have they broadened the appeal of documentary by becoming more like feature fiction films in their use of compelling music, reenactments and staged encounters, sequences or entire films based on animation, portrayals of fascinating characters and the creation of compelling stories? Or do they remain a fiction like any other? That is, do they tell stories that, although similar to feature fiction, remain distinct from it?” This program aims to delve into the fascinating and shocking stories while celebrating and exploring the exceptional documentary form.