Destination → Balkans

13 January - 31 January 2017

Pera Film is greeting 2017 with the program Destination: Balkans. Presented parallel to Pera Museum’s on-going exhibition Cold Front from the Balkans the program offers a different perspective into the region. The selection explores the various cinematic road journeys to or through the Balkans.

The Destination: Balkans’ selection predominantly includes Western European and American productions that discover this region through an outside eye. Welcome to Sarajevo and Harrison’s Flowers looks at two different wars on the same land through the eyes of journalists, while Twice Born and In the Land of Blood and Honey dives into the loves and families of those who are war torn. Some of the films focus on the aftermath of the war: A young man is sent to Bucharest by his mother’s ghost in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman; two young Italians are united in Romania because of the economical crisis in Banat (The Journey) and a king tries to save his kingdom in the mockumentary King of the Belgians. The Balkan made productions include: Bosnian director Danis Tanovic’s story of a Bosnian man returning home from exile in Cirkus Columbia; Bulgarian director Kamen Kalev focuses on an attacked Turkish family on the road and two Bulgarian brothers in his first feature film Eastern Plays.

Destination: Balkans brings hope, peace and humor from the roads of the land of war and love through the countries of Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Serbia.