Body and Spirit
Central European Films

09 December - 29 December 2017

Pera Film is ending 2017 with the Turkish-Visegrad Culture Festival, celebrating the cinema of Hungary, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. This year’s theme Body and Spirit, explores the inner world of human nature in relation with the body, mind and spirit. The correlation between the mind and the body have been key to understanding the human complexities. Common inquires such as whether the mind is part of the body, or the body is part of the mind has evolved intensely over centuries. Inspired from this complex and diverse situation, the body and mind illustrate a most curious interaction. The program journeys through captivating stories investigating the physical and the intangible notions of existence. Jean-Paul Sartre exquisitely wrote “I exist. It is soft, so soft, so slow. And light: it seems as though it suspends in the air. It moves.” This selection of films in a sense suspends the air, examining the intricate and curious relationship we have with our bodies, mind and spirit. Body and Spirit spans over several decades and salutes master filmmakers as well as young directors such as Jan Švankmajer, Věra Chytilová, Wojciech Marczewski, Martin Šulík, Ildikó Enyedi, György Pálfi, Virág Zomborácz and Anna Zamecka.

This program’s screenings are free of admissions. Drop in, no reservations.

Supported by the Consulates of the Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia

This program is presented in collaboration with the Visegrad Fund; V4 / Visegrad Group is an alliance of four Central European states – Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – for the purposes of furthering their European integration, as well as for advancing cultural, economic etc. cooperation with one another.