A Tribute to Bergman

14 December - 29 December 2018

“I know that by using film we can bring in other previously unknown worlds, realities beyond reality.”
Ingmar Bergman

Pera Film closes 2018 with a tribute to Ingmar Bergman’s cinema on his centenary. Offering a program rich in films that have not been shown recently in Turkey, A Tribute to Bergman will take place on 14 – 29 December. 

Throughout Bergman’s many works, one finds variations on a central theme: dysfunctional families, blood-sucking failed artists and an absent almighty all become manifestations of our collective inability to communicate with each other. Focusing on this most influential yet controversial filmmaker in the history of cinema with an exceptional selection, the program features: his very first film as a director Crisis, made under the mentorship of the silent-film maestro Victor Sjöström and considered to be his exploration on the essential themes of his early period; the Magician, symbolic portrait of the artist as a deceiver and the proof that Ingmar Bergman is one of cinema’s premier illusionists; Stimulantia, a compilation of 16mm 'home movie' footage taken when his son Daniel was an infant; a celebration of love, forgiveness, and the brotherhood of man, The Magic Flute described by many as the most exquisite opera film ever made; The Dance of the Damned Women with four women dancing in a crowded, closed room, representing women living by passing on a role that is passed down to them for generations; After the Rehearsal, Ingmar Bergman’s return to his perennial theme of the permeability of life and art; Bergman’s very personal tribute to his mother Karin’s Face leading off with images  of Ingmar Bergman’s mother Karin and showing family photographs from old albums; Harald & Harald a ten minute sarcastic show based on the  Swedish Government Culture Commission’s final report on him; and last but not least, his final film Saraband, a chamber piece performed by four wounded characters and suffused with disappointment and forgiveness. 

Screening tickets are 10 TL (reduced museum admission). Tickets are available on Biletix!