38th Istanbul Film Festival
Documentary Time

Young and Alive

Director: Matthieu Bareyre
France, 2018, 94’, color
French with Turkish, English subtitle

In the months following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the youth has taken the night. Led by new faces and unheard groups, with their values and ideals, they open a new dialog, challenge the state and get ready for a new kind of revolution. Young and Alive provides an unique insider’s perspective to the French youth between 2015 and 2017, when atrocities were hitting the headlines and dark feelings of powerlessness and anxiety were abundant. Director Matthieu Bareyre captures a mosaic of words, anger and dreams, with conflicting emotions avoiding bias all through the film. The Parisian wanderings and interviews are all filmed at night, “the time when everything slows down; it’s a metaphor of this hugely dark time which we’re going through.”


Past Screening
06 April Saturday
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