13th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheels

The Truth Beneath The Ground Guatemala, Silenced Genocide

2014, DigiBeta, Color, 60’, Maya Language, Spanish, Spanish, English Subtitled, Spain
Director: Eva Vilamala, Script: Eva Vilamala, Cinematographer: Eva Vilamala, Mireia Sallarès, Editing: Eva Vilamala, Sound: Idea Sonora, Music: Paulo Alvarado, Production: Photographic Social Vision

In Guatemala, between 1960 and 1966, more than 200.000 people were killed in systematic oppression and massacres, in parts where Mayas were the majority. Photographer Miquel Dewever-Plana brings together exhuming processes and his testimonies in a book namesake as the film. Years after, Mayas come back for this book which tells their own story.


Past Screening
18 March Wednesday
Past Screening
19 March Thursday
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