38th Istanbul Film Festival
Documentary Time

The Man Who Stole Banksy

Director: Marco Proserpio
Narrator: Iggy Pop
UK, Italy, 2018, 90’, color
Arabic, English, Italian with Turkish, English subtitle

In 2007, world-renowned street artist Banksy went to Palestine to paint protest graffiti on walls, including a piece depicting an Israeli soldier checking a donkey’s ID in Bethlehem. Some locals took offense at being portrayed as donkeys. A local Palestinian taxi driver decided to cut out the offending graffiti and sell it on eBay. What follows is a story of clashing cultures, art, identity, theft, and the black market. From art dealers to private collectors and even fellow street artists, everyone has a different take on this incident; which brings to the surface a discussion on issues of rights pertaining to street art-the right to create, to erase, to protest, to sell...


Past Screening
05 April Friday
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