From the Tsars to the Stars
Russian Fantastic Cinema

The Amphibian Man

Director: G. Kazansky, V. Chebotaryov
Cast: Vladimir Korenev, Anastasiya Vertinskaya, Mikhail Kozakov
Soviet Union, 1961, 95’, color
Russian with Turkish subtitles

One of the most beloved Russian films ever (65 million admissions in 1962, which would roughly translate into $520,000,000 box office in today's America). The rather tall tale of a handsome, gilled mutant unfolds in an oddly conceived coastal locale among pearl divers, rogues and old salts. Perhaps the ultimate product of the late 50s-early '60s "Thaw," The Amphibian Man surreally brims with Latin song-and-dance numbers and Russian stars in brownface; it has to be seen to be believed. - by Robert Skotak


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31 October Saturday
Past Screening
08 November Sunday
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