Berlin – A City Called Home

Slums of Berlin

Director: Gerhard Lamprecht
Cast: Bernhard Goetzke, Paul Bildt, Aud Egede-Nissen, Arthur Bergen
Germany, 1925, 115', DCP, siyah-beyaz / b&w
No dialogue

Slums of Berlin is a feature film by Gerhard Lamprecht which reproduce German illustrator Heinrich Zille's view of the Berlin milieu. In Slums of Berlin (1925) the engineer Robert Kramer, released from prison, cannot find his way back to civilian life. He wants to end his life, but is held back by the streetwalker Emma. Gerhard Lamprecht is most well known in film history circles for his multi-volume compilation of German film productions, Deutsche Stummfilme, dating from 1903-1931. In 1963, he founded the Deutsche Kinemathek (Berlin).


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