13th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheels

Reel Herstory: Real History of Reel Women

2014, DigiBeta, Color, 147’, English, USA
Director: Ally Acker, Script: Ally Acker, Jolie Barbiere Editing Ally Acker, Production: Sam Pollard, Robert Dassanowsky, Cast: Jodie Foster, Ally Acker

First director who told a story on the screen, the ones who paid prices during silent years, pioneers of controversial films, first editor of screen credits… They were all women. The film revealing the history of the condoned existence of women who wrote herstory on reels, and their pioneering and production, convey a feminist herstory onto the screen, with images from archives and interviews. And also calls for a restoration of honour, and asks everyone to stand in silence for these women who have written herstory on reels…


Past Screening
15 March Sunday
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