13th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheels

Piecemeal Ostim

2014, Blu-Ray, Color, 60’, Turkish, English Subtitled, Turkey
Director: Sevgi Türkmen, Cinematographer: Oktay İnce, Editing: Oktay İnce, Production: Sevgi Türkmen Dünya

Ostim and Ivedik İndustrial Zones, two industrial bottled gas tubes exploding the same day, ruptured bodies of workers, ruptured lives… Is justice possible for the ones who lost part of their heart? Families who lost their relatives in Ostim and Ivedik explosions are in search of “justice”. They try to relieve their pain with others who have experienced the same pain. The concepts in their minds are no longer the same with the ones before the explosion: Destiny, justice, womanhood, manhood… As families are in search of justice, the workers are tested by death everyday. In the face of all these, the machinery subsisting with all the arrogance and power go on working.


Past Screening
19 March Thursday
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