Suddenly A Stranger Appears

One Man Dies A Million Times

Director: Jessica Oreck
Cast: Alyssa Lozovskaya, Maksim Blinov, Vladimir Koshevoy, Alena Artemova
USA, 2019, 97', DCP, b&w
Russian with Turkish subtitles

Caught in the grip of a war-torn Russian winter, the city is starving to death. Despite their hunger, Alyssa and Maksim heroically work to preserve the treasures of the world’s most important seed bank – treasures that hold the key to the future of their country’s food supply - even though its sustenance could mean their survival. Part documentary, part fiction, One Man Dies a Million Times isn't just about romance or war or food security, it's about fighting for what you believe in, fighting for the ones you love, and fighting for your own survival.

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02 October Wednesday
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23 October Wednesday
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