13th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheels

No Corpse Dumping / Cordelias / Sad Monsters

Sad Monsters

2013, Blu-Ray, Color, 30’, Polish, English Subtitled, Poland
Director: Justyna Tafel Cast: Basia Kubiak, Piotr Glowacki, Iwona Karlicka

A different world from the eye of a young girl believing that she herself is a princess and her father is a knight fighting against evil monsters. As each day she approaches another step the magical limits of our childhood, the young girl asks the audience: Is the world composed of what we believe or can it be different from what we believe?


2013, Blu-Ray, Color, 25’, Spanish, English Subtitled, Spain
Director: Gracia Querejeta, Cast: Jazmín Abuin, Arantxa Arangúren, Aránzazu Duque

Ten women sentenced for different crimes stage a play that might be a therapy for their frustrations and a way by which they might get adapted to society. Besides, they would leave the prison and tour entire Spain.

No Corpse Dumping

2014, Blu-Ray, Color, 18’, Spanish, English Subtitled, Spain
Director: Clara Bilbao, Cast: Maria Botto, Juan Luis Cano, José Cordera

It is 2029. Daughter of Nati and Tomas is about to die… Burial services are very expensive. It is forbidden to burn dead bodies because of environmental pollution. The new law prohibits carrying funerals from cities to village cemeteries. Nati and Tomas don’t know what to do.


Past Screening
17 March Tuesday
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