2nd International Istanbul Silent Cinema Days

Nathan the Wise

Director: Manfred Noa
Cast: Fritz Greiner, Carl de Vogt, Lia Eibenschütz
1922, 128’, Tinted & toned, DVD
Restoration: Munich Film Museum
Original Music: Aljoscha Zimmermann, Sabrina Hausmann (violin) ve Mark Pogolski (piano) 

Based on a play of the same title published by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing in 1779, this film is a fervent plea for religious tolerance. Promoted as the “Film for all humanity”, the film resolves at Jerusalem during the Crusades. Concentrating on interreligious tolerance, the film shows epic scenes and melodrama in a world where Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexist in harmony.

The film will be introduced by Stefan Drössler.

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Past Screening
04 December Friday
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