13th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheels


2013, Blu-Ray, Color, 82’, French, Russia, English Subtitled, France, Russia
Director: Eva Pervolovici, Script: Eva Pervolovici, Monica Stan, Cinematographer: Alfredo Altamirano, Editing: Dounia Sichov, Sound: Fabrice Osinski, Momchil Bozhkov, Music: Vitto Mereilles, Production: Kinoelektron, Cast: Dinara Drukarova, Denis Lavant, Marie-Isabelle Stheynman

Lucia from Russia and her six year old daughter find themselves living in Paris streets. They don’t have a stable residence, they sleep wherever they find. One night in the house of a Russian priest, another night in the social services centre or a four star hotel. They live each day as the day their life would change, meet different people, aimlessly wander around and wait for the miracle that would find them. Because their lives don’t change as they hoped and they started to sleep under the bridge, Russian community buy them tickets to go back home. Maruissa rebels her mother and runs away. On the other hand, she wants to know what a real childhood is like. But what would Lucia do?


Past Screening
20 March Friday
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