38th Istanbul Film Festival
National Documentary Competition


Director: Dilek Kaya
Turkey, 2018, 85’, color
Turkish; English s.t.

In the summer of 2016, the director of this documentary film bought a bunch of discarded letters from a flea market in Izmir, Turkey. Written in the 70s, the letters were addressed to Kâzım Küçükalp, apparently a smart, vivacious, and adventurous youth, who was a fan of European and American rock bands of the time. After accidentally discovering that Kâzım died during a mountain expedition in 1974, at the age of 19, the director set off a journey, which extended from Izmir to Artvin. Finding the owners of the letters and the mountaineers who witnessed Kâzım’s death, the documentary reconstructs Kâzım’s story and intertwines it with the journey of the director. The film is also a partial story of 1970s youth culture in Turkey.


Past Screening
12 April Friday
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