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Ali Hamroyev Films

I Remember You

Director: Ali Hamroyev
USSR, Uzbekistan, 1985, 92’, color

Cast: Vyacheslav Bogachyov, Zinaida Sharko, Liliya Gritsenko, Gulya Tashbayeva, Davlyat Khamraev
Russian with Turkish subtitles

I Remember You is an autobiographical meditation on the past. Its story is simple: the protagonist, at the request of his seriously ill mother, leaves Samarkand and heads on a voyage across Russia in search of the grave of his father, who died during the war. This poetic odyssey, which also proves to be a journey into subconscious memory, is rendered in images of extraordinary intensity and beauty. The beautiful Gulya Tashbayeva, the director's wife and principal performer in several of his films, gives a haunting performance.


Past Screening
09 May Saturday
Past Screening
10 May Sunday
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