38th Istanbul Film Festival
National Documentary Competition


Director: Gürcan Keltek
Cast: Zeynep Kumral
The Netherlands, Turkey, 2018, 34’, color, b&w
Turkish with English subtitle

Gulyabani is an entity, a ghoul, an outsider: she’s the restless spirit of a desolate and lonely place. Fethiye Sessiz, a notorious clairvoyant of Izmir in ‘70s and ‘80s, remembers fractions of her survival from abuse, kidnappings, and violence. Recounting the events of her childhood through her diary entries and letters to her estranged son, Gulyabani recollects the emotional landscape in the most violent period of post-Republic Turkey, where the memory of the future and fragments of the past come together at once.


Past Screening
14 April Sunday
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