38th Istanbul Film Festival
National Documentary Competition

Guardian of Angels

Director: Ensar Altay
Turkey, USA, 2018, 76’, color
English with Turkish subtitle

Mohamed Bzeek, originally from Libya, moved to the U.S in 1978 for the university but stayed after getting married to Dawn, a foster mom for terminally ill children. Together they looked after 80 terminally ill children. His wife passed away in 2015, yet he continues to care for the girl that they adopted together, Samantha, a little girl who suffers from anencephaly-the absence of a major portion of the brain which results in her being deaf and blind. Mohamed must attend to her constantly throughout the day with her many needs and must always be alert. Samantha is almost seven now, and Mohamed wants to celebrate this success with a birthday party. However, it may not turn out as planned and may lead to a new dilemma.


Past Screening
14 April Sunday
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