38th Istanbul Film Festival


Director: Tunç Başaran
Cast: Selda Alkor, Kartal Tibet, Tanju Gürsu, Nurhan Nur, Ferah Nur, Münir Özkul
Turkey, 1967, 92’, b&w
Turkish with English subtitle

Cinema Honorary Award-recipient Tunç Başaran’s 1967 film Goodbye stars Selda Alkor as the vivacious Mine, and Kartal Tibet as her lover, Kemal. Always taking on strong women roles, Alkor and Tibet, one of Yeşilçam’s favourite film couples, play star-crossed lovers who do not hesitate to fall in love. Their romance begins at a bridal shop but is threatened by a murder, fatal diseases, and whatnot. This film is screened for Selda Alkor who will receive this year’s Cinema Honorary Award.


Past Screening
06 April Saturday
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