From the Tsars to the Stars
Russian Fantastic Cinema

First on the Moon

Director: Alexsey Fedorchenko
Cast: Aleksey Anisimov, Viktoriya Ilyinskaya, Viktor Kotov
Russia, 2005, 76’, color, black & white
Russian with Turkish subtitles

Think it was Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin? Well, think again, because as Alexei Fedorchenko's unsettling debut film reveals, a Soviet cosmopilot, Ivan Kharlamov, actually went there and back in 1938, piloting his experimental, and highly secretive craft back to Chile, from where he undertook an arduous journey across the Pacific, through China and Mongolia and finally into Mother Russia itself. First on the Moon is a touching expression of an unfettered utopian spirit - a sense of the limitless possibilities of human ingenuity and imagination - that characterized many people's vision of the Soviet experiment before its grim realities settled in. (Kent Jones)


Past Screening
21 November Saturday
Past Screening
13 December Sunday
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