38th Istanbul Film Festival
Documentary Time

Finding Farideh

Directors: Azadeh Mousavi, Kouroush Ataei
Iran, 2018, 88’, color
Dutch, English, Persian with Turkish, English subtitle

The headline of newspaper was brief, clear and naturally curious: “A Dutch girl is looking for her real family in Iran”. Taking off from this news story, Finding Farideh is about an Iranian girl named Farideh, who has been adopted by a Dutch couple 40 years ago, who now overcomes her fears to travel to her motherland Iran for the first time to meet three families who claim to be her real family, and to find out about her Iranian identity and culture. A tangle of emotions and questions confront Farideh and the filmmakers: “Who are my real parents? Those who gave birth or who raised me? Where is my homeland? Where do I belong to?” Questions with a strong fundamental problem hidden in the heart of them: identity crisis.


Past Screening
16 April Tuesday
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