Women in Russian Cinema

Everybody Dies But Me

Director: Valeriya Gay Germanika
Cast: Agniya Kuznetsova, Polina Filonenko, Olga Shuvalova
Russia, 2008, 80’, color
Russian with Turkish subtitles

Life is never easy, especially when you're 14. Some teenagers have to deal with internal turmoil and anxieties but others have to face the unbearable cruelty of their surroundings. On Monday Katya (Polina Filonenko), Vika (Olga Shuvalova) and Zhanna (Agniya Kuznetsova), three ordinary schoolgirls from suburban Moscow, discover that there will be a school dance on Saturday night. The girls start feverishly preparing for the most important event in their lives. But Katya offends a teacher. The disco may be cancelled. All week the girls rebel. They try to find common ground with their parents, their teachers, their classmates and finally between themselves. On the night of the disco, a night that they have so longed for, things spiral out of control.


Past Screening
22 March Wednesday
Past Screening
02 April Sunday
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