Life as School

Enter the Void

Director: Gaspar Noé
Cast: Nathaniel Brown, Paz de la Huerta, Cyril Roy, Olly Alexander
France, Germany, Italy, 2009, 161', color
English, Japanese with Turkish subtitles
Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void is shot entirely from the point of view of its central character as he lives, dies, and is reborn in the neon haze of Tokyo’s seedy underbelly. Oscar and his sister Linda are recent arrivals in Tokyo. Oscar's a small time drug dealer, and Linda works as a nightclub stripper. One night, Oscar is caught up in a police bust and shot. As he lies dying, his spirit, faithful to the promise he made his sister ­ that he would never abandon her - refuses to abandon the world of the living. It wanders through the city, his visions growing evermore distorted, evermore nightmarish. Past, present and future merge in a hallucinatory maelstrom.
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