In the Mood for Chinese Cinema

Dragonfly Eyes

Director: Xu Bing
China, USA, 2017; 81, color
Chinese with Turkish subtitles

Each of us is captured on surveillance cameras, on average, 300 times a day. These all-seeing “eyes” observe Qing Ting too, a young woman, as she leaves the Buddhist temple where she has been training to become a nun. She returns to the secular world, where she takes a job in a highly mechanized dairy farm. There, Ke Fan, a technician, falls in love with her, breaks the law in an attempt to please her and is sent to jail. On his release, he can’t find Qing Ting and looks for her desperately until he figures out that she has reinvented herself as the online celebrity Xiao Xiao. Ke Fan decides to revamp himself. In this non-fiction version of The Truman Show, everyone is an actor without knowing it, and the director Xu Bing delivers a commentary on (in)visibility, our obsessive media culture and contemporary China.


Past Screening
07 May Tuesday
Past Screening
17 May Friday
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