38th Istanbul Film Festival
Documentary Time

Circus Rwanda

Director: Michal Varga
Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2018, 79’, color
Czech, English, Kinyarwanda with Turkish, English subtitle

Rosťa Novák, the principal of Cirk La Putyka ensemble, artistic workaholic and perfectionist, agrees to make a joint project with a group of acrobats from Rwanda. First time in his life, Rosťa travels to Africa, to create a circus show about clash of different cultures. There he met Elisée Niyonsenga, who survived the Rwandan genocide as a child and now trains a group comprised of orphaned children. The two troupes begin rehearsing in Rwanda and Prague in order to put together a true circus for the 21st century. Czech director Michal Varga’s documentary follows this difficult process which culminates in a performance at last year’s Letní Letná festival, and which is sometimes emotional, always dynamic, colourful, passing through prejudices, different cultures, painful backgrounds and different work disciplines.


Past Screening
07 April Sunday
Past Screening
09 April Tuesday
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