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Cecile Paris
Selected Videos

Born in 1970, Cecile Paris is an artist who sweeps the field of our common spaces, and through her films, photographs, collages and drawings, delivers a thousand possible interpretations, most often giving birth to a hypnotic strangeness where melancholy mixed with gentle rebellion hovers.

Founder of the label “Code de nuit”, a community project, she often works in collaboration with musicians, dancers, or choreographers. Notably, her videos are included in the collections of the Mac/Val (Museum of contemporary art Val-de-Marne) in Vitry-sur-Seine, and the Musée d’art moderne (Museum of Modern Art) in the city of Paris.

2002, 3’20’’, music: Ornella Vanoni, casa bianca

Black Beauty
2010, 2’10’’, cast: Pierre Giquel, music: Renaud Rudloft

2003, 3’’44,music: Charles Frandon, voix Cécile Paris

Le mal du pays
2006, 3’43’, cast: Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria,music: Cole Porter,
interpretation: Pete Fontain (1966), I love Paris

Le sens de la nuit
2008, 4’28’’, cast: Adrienne Alcover, Laurie Etourneau, Elodie Fradet, Berthine Gerbet, Pauline Jacquelin, Jeanne Moynot, Renaud Rudloft,music: Renaud Rudloft

Double V, train
4’28’’, 2015, cast: Guillaume Magre-Guilberto, Hugo Walsdorff, music: Renaud Rudloft

Après Mustafa
2014, 4’47’’, cast: Ahmed Aaras, music: Renaud Rudloft

To tell you
2008, 5’10’’, cast: Adrienne Alcover, music: Renaud Rudloft

Vision Vesoul
2013, 6’ , cast: Pierre Giquel, Françoise Rognerud, Florian Sicard, music: Renaud Rudloft

Double V, voiture
4’ 28’’, 2015, cast: Florian Sicard,music: Renaud Rudloft

The artist will be present at the March 21 screening.


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21 March Saturday
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26 March Thursday
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