Dreaming Singapore

Becoming Royston

Director: Nicholas Chee
Cast: Alvin Neo, Shu An Oon, William Chua, Kay Chin Tay
Singapore, France, 2007, 85', color, English, Mandarin, Hokkien with Turkish subtitle

Becoming Royston is a story of self-exploration, discovery, and liberation, which explores relationships between people, conflicts, insecurities, hopes and dreams, you and me. The story revolves around the coming of age of Tan Boon Huat, the middle child of a prawn farmer whose family resides on an island town. His time as a child to adolescence was one that was filled with oppression, often receiving harsh treatment from his own father. Boon Huat eventually leaves the island with the help of his friend and confidant, the island boatman. On the mainland, he meets a girl while working in a video shop. Boon Huat starts to discover his dream of becoming a filmmaker with the help of his newfound ‘love’.

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