From the Tsars to the Stars
Russian Fantastic Cinema

Aelita, Queen of Mars

Director: Jakov Protazanov
Cast: Yuliya Solntseva, Igor Ilyinsky, Nikolai Tsereteli
Soviet Union, 1924, 120’, black & white; silent

The world's first feature film to use interplanetary travel as its main plot line, Aelita is based on A. N. Tolstoy's novel. A brilliant engineer and a crusty soldier travel to the Red Planet to find it inhabited by meek humanoids and ruled with an iron fist by the beautiful Aelita. Spectacular unrest ensues; will our heroes make it back home? Free of earthly logistics, the film's unique set design captures Soviet Constructivism at its graphically most unhinged.


Past Screening
30 October Friday
Past Screening
08 November Sunday
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