13th International Filmmor Women Film Festival on Wheels

A Cup of Turkish Coffee / Doodle / Child’s Play / Ziazan

A Cup of Turkish Coffee

Turkey, France, 2014, Blu-Ray, Color, 8’, Turkish, English Subtitled
Director: Nazlı Eda Noyan, Dağhan Celayir

A woman looks at old family photos with her grandchild, on a table. She looks at her youth, at her childhood forced to marry at an early age, at the way she survived… She looks at photos of the past, at the present reflections of feelings about the past, during a short Turkish coffee break


Turkey, 2014, Blu-Ray, Color,17’, Turkish, English Subtitled
Director: Selmin Çalışkan

Serra is looking for a job. She can’t get along with women and the atmosphere in employment interviews and always feels excluded. Her only time passer while waiting in interviews is crosswords. In a desperate moment, she invents a secret world in crosswords. And things get out of hand…

Child’s Play

Turkey, 2014, Blu-Ray, Color,4’, Turkish, English Subtitled
Director: Gizem Bayıksel

As she leaves home, Derin hides a secret of adults’ world in her toy box bearing childhood memories. She would fulfil the requirements of being an adult and then leave home…


Turkey, 2014, Blu-Ray, Color, 15’, Turkish, English Subtitled
Director: Derya Durmaz

Little Ziazan’s uncle earns his life by shuttle trading between Turkey and Armenia. As the border between two countries is closed, each time, he has to make a 36-hour journey through Georgia. The uncle brings small presents for his little niece every time he returns from Turkey. Ziazan likes chocolate cream tubes, most.

One day, Ziazan wants to have an adventure; he would hide in uncle’s luggage, go to Turkey secretly and buy lots of chocolate cream tubes… Would he?


Past Screening
19 March Thursday
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