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A Legend in "Naïve" Art

02 August - 07 October 2007

Since its establishment, Pera Museum has hosted works by several outstanding artists representing different genres. In 2007, the museum opened its doors to one of the most intriguing creative artists in the world, the Georgian peasant painter Pirosmani. This exhibition of Pirosmani’s naïve paintings took us on a journey through joyous feasts of colour, scent, and forms, through the blossoming meadows, villages, and animals of a neighbouring country.

Recognized only by his immediate circle while he was still alive, Pirosmani gained acknowledgment in the 1920s and 30s, particularly in the Western art circles, in which primitive and naïve artists were starting to be appreciated. Since then, his paintings continue to fascinate art connoisseurs in the world with their unprecedented sincerity and charm

Niko Pirosmani was born to a peasant family in one of the regions of Georgia - Kakheti, in the village of Mirzaani. During his life, most of which he spent in Tbilisi, he never received any professional education. In 1882, he opened a studio with another painter, Gigo Zaziashvili, accepting commissions for signboards. However, the partners soon went bankrupt. For mere subsistence, he occasionally worked in Tbilisi “dukhans” (tavern), or at the rail station, dying in poverty in Tbilisi, in 1918.

Today, Pirosmani is known across the world and his art has long reached beyond the borders of his native country.




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Pirosmani A Legend in "Naïve" Art

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