What A Look-Alike!

02 February - 13 April 2013

Photography Workshop
2 February – 13 April 2013

Pera Learning is organizing the “What a Look-Alike!” workshop as part of the Nickolas Muray: Portrait of a Photographer exhibition in collaboration with Giyçek and MAC between 2nd February – 13th April 2013.

Teens will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition through a guided tour. Then, they can choose a portrait from the exhibition and a matching costume in the workshop. Before the photo shoot, make-up artists from MAC will do their make-up, and the portraits will be recreated by Giyçek. The resulting shots will be shared on the Pera Museum Blog, Facebook pages, Pinterest and Twitter.

For more information and to make reservations:
0(212) 334 99 00 (4)

Pera Learning thanks M.A.C and Giyçek for their collaboration.

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