New Sounds
“Experiments with Measures”


22 February 2019 / 20:00 Past Activity

“What you cannot measure, you cannot develop”

Pera Museum presents “New Sounds”, a musical project inspired by Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation collections. The project that aims to re-explore the museum collections through different modes of expression, features composers, musicians or artists engaging with different musical genres inspired by the “Orientalist Painting”, “Anatolian Weights and Measures” and “Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics” collections. The project presents compositions by Şirin Pancaroğlu and Bora Uymaz, Burak Özdemir & Musica Sequenza, Mehmet Yaranona and Koray Erkan, Alican Çamcı as well as Meriç Artaç in a series of performances and sound installations in October 2018-May 2019 season.

Dimensioning is an integral part of developmental process, as well as a functional necessity in our daily lives. In music, dimensioning progressed and transformed for hundreds of years to understand and to come to an agreement, into today’s music theory. “Experiments with Measures”, is a musical experiment inspired by the Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection and designed with an analytical perspective. The metronome is fixed, and the entire performance is limited to four notes. With the rhythmic measure and harmonic structural changes, the performance aims a walkthrough music’s two variables: rhythm and tonality (harmony and melody). Mehmet Yaranona’s guitar and live sound loops are grounded with Koray Erkan’s bass guitar, accompanied by Akay Taşkıntuna on the drums.

“Experiments with Measures”
Mehmet Yaranona & Koray Erkan

Mehmet Yaranona, electronic guitar
Koray Erkan, bass guitar
Akay Taşkıntuna, drums


Koray Erkan
Along with his modern-rock band Kül founded in 2008, Koray Erkan worked together with artists such as Öztürk, Tolga Burkay and İlhan İrem as a bass guitarist on stage and in their album recordings. While he was a student at İTÜ-MİAM’s Sound Engineering and Design department he worked in recording, editing and mixing in various productions. Upon his graduation he continued working with producer/arranger Alen Konakoğlu.

Mehmet Yaranona
He was graduated from İTÜ Physics Engineering in 2007 and from İTÜ-MİAM Sound Engineering and Design in 2011. He worked with Tolga Türünz under the name Opus to produce jingles and synchronized music. He worked as a producer and as an engineer of recording/editing/mixing of various rock, metal and pop albums. He is currently producing the new album of the band Kül as well as working on the music project Kommodor with Kurt Önalp.

The concert “Experiments with Measures” will take place at the Pera Museum Orientalist Painting Collection exhibition floor. Tickets are available through Biletix or at the reception of the Pera Museum on the day of the event.