Artist Talk

José Sancho


25 May 2017 / 18:30 Past Activity

Presented as part of “José Sancho: Erotic Nature” exhibition, artist José Sancho will give a talk on Thursday,  May 25. In this talk, Sancho will be accompanied by curator Mária Enriqueta Guardia Yglesias and former Minister of Culture of Costa Rika Carlos Echeverría. Also, before the talk Carlos Echeverría will give a presentation on art of Costa Rica.

Recognized as one of the leading sculptors of Costa Rica, many of the artist’s works grow roots in their settings and thus seize the connection between the individual and the universal by being integrated into a timeless space recalling the cosmos. Also influenced by the Hispanic and pre-Colombian art of the land into which he was born and presenting this influence with new readings, Sancho masterfully uses different media: wood, granite, marble, bronze, iron plates, and found objects allow the artist to recreate the animal forms and the infinite representations of femininity.

Free of admissions, drop in.  The talk will be in Spanish with simultaneous translation to Turkish.